MediBulut Specialist Fiyatlar

Pricing List of MediBulut Specialists

MediBulut Specialist

  • Basic
  • Monthly ₺499.00 + 18% TAX
  • Online Görünürlük
  • Web Sitesi
  • Makale Yayınlama
  • Video & Photo
  • Online Görüşme Alt Yapısı
  • Pro
  • Monthly ₺699.00 + 18% TAX
  • Basic Paket Dahil
  • Tele-Tip Lisansı
  • Premium
  • Monthly ₺899.00 + 18% TAX
  • Basic & Pro Paketler Dahil
  • Digital Marketing Desteği (Yurt Dışı İçin)
  • 9 Months ₺1,398.00 + 18% TAX
Frequently Asked Questions

For detailed information, you can call 0216 337 72 93.

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MediBulut is an innovative platform that brings you together with doctors, dieticians, psychologists, dentists, beauty centers and many experts in different fields, allowing you to make an online appointment and get an online examination.

It is a system that enables appointments to be made within minutes from anywhere with internet access. It allows you to easily communicate with experts from anywhere.

Specialists from different sectors such as doctors, dietitians, psychologists, dentists and beauticians can provide services by online appointment.

Yes, doctors can provide services by online appointment.

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